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Founded in 2006, BusinessForward is a business process improvement consulting company. Our mission is to advance the personal and professional lives of our clients, people and community.

The reason why we started our company is because we saw that too many times there is a disconnect between people, processes and technology in an organization and the solutions to problems don't come from technology tools alone. As consultants, we also got tired of seeing clients treated with no respect and just as dollar signs and not real people with real problems.

Organizations too often spend too many resources on initiatives without improving its people's lives or the bottom line. We saw an opportunity to do just that! Not just through the results of but through the actual work we do.

Have you experienced working with consultants? I bet you have and it wasn't always pleasant.

Is the scenario familiar where you have spent thousands of dollars on a consultant and at the end of the engagement you received a huge binder whose content you didn't necessarily understand and now it's just sitting on a shelf because you didn't know how to implement the recommendations?

Did you ever feel that the consultants you hired were not hearing you or they just weren't as passionate about your company and problems you were facing as you were?

Did they tell you they have it all figured out and have all the answers?

Well... that's NOT who we are!

Realizing that there is no silver bullet and that solutions are not just about the newest tool, restructuring an organization or just needing more training, we strive to balance all of the above with the ability to get results that are meaningful as nimbly as possible without sacrificing people, customers and the company's products.


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